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We are a small team of Web Developers, who are highly passionate about web technologies. Over the last ten years we’ve developed great web applications in various domains using the best practices and the most recent trends in technologies.

We have built several PHP Web Applications, using CodeIgnitor and Laravel Framework. However, our dynamic minds did not let us narrow down to PHP alone.

We started exploring the recent NodeJS and AngularJS technologies and we were pretty impressed with the flexibilities it offered in making the entire development process easier and faster.

When we found out what wonders NodeJS and AngularJS can create in building lightning speed high performing websites, we came up with an idea of developing an open source eCommerce solution using Node JS and Angular JS, which we thought would become highly useful, saving a lot of time and efforts for other smart Developers like us.

Also, in order to catch up with today’s trend of every eCommerce business going mobile, it is mandatory for any eCommerce website’s load time to be as less, making the website very fast. Node JS is the technological solution for having an eCommerce website, whose load time does not get affected even when a large number of products keep getting added.

How did we derive at the name Spurt Commerce?

According to Oxford Dictionary, the word ‘Spurt’ means, sudden marked burst or increase of activity or speed.

Adopting the smart Node JS for eCommerce business or converting an existing eCommerce websites that are built with other technologies, into a Node JS one, can bring this sudden marked burst in eCommerce business and increase its activity, by making the website speedier.

This is the reason for the name ‘Spurt’ for our eCommerce Solution and that is ‘SPURT COMMERCE’.

People Involved

Suresh Sekar – The man behind the idea and concept.

Throughout his journey, which started 10 years ago as a Freelance Web Developer, Suresh has gained significant experience in the field of Web technologies. Today, he is heading a large team of Web and Mobile App Developers. Having an entrepreneurial mind, he always comes up with new ideas and concepts with use of technologies. His ideas and concepts are becoming an able solution to several underlying problems in the industry.


Core Team


Pratheep S

Full Stack Developer


Ram Kumar A

Back End Developer


Anusha S

Front End Developer


Anil Kumar

Anil is the creative mind behind the Spurt Commerce's logo. He is a design and technology enthusiast, who believes in hard work and perseverance. Having acquired a vast experience in different aspects of graphic designing and web development, he is still thirsty for furthering his knowledge and learning and exploring new trends in designing.

Smitha Adarsh

Smitha is the creative mind behind the brand name of 'Spurt Commerce' and its website content. Content has always been her first love and digital marketing, her first choice of career. Vowing to her passion, she landed on a profile that demands strong interpersonal skills along with good understanding of content and promotion.

Rajesh Kumar Bharathi S M

Rajesh is the creative mind behind the web design. Having gained a vast experience in every aspect of web design, he is adept in current market trend. He has a good conceptual and technical knowledge of web design and follows the best practices of designing. He is an expert in handling any challenging projects in a professional manner.

Ramar T

Ramar is the person to whom we owe a credit for documentation. He is responsible, proactive and a self-starter with excellent documentation skills. Apart from documentation, he also holds a keen interest in web development and programming.