An outstanding Admin panel for your eCommerce website

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Admin Panel is a necessity for any web application and it’s a must for an eCommerce website. Take complete advantage of Spurt Commerce Admin Panel features to streamline the Customer activities on store front.

Easy maintenance of a large pool of Customers



Gives a complete overview of how your eCommerce website is performing. You may view total orders, total sales, total Customers, trending items, and total sales in last 30 days, total sales in year and also latest orders and their details by clicking on that.

Customer Management

Customer Management section provides you with every feature and functionality that is required for you to easily deal with Customers. You can view Customers’ wish list items and also create a new functionality for Customers to use in the front end.


The Admin can create and manage pages based on topics, add new pages, edit and delete existing pages.


Banners are pictures containing linkable images displayed in the store front. Banners can be utilized to catch the customer's eye and direct them to special products in the store. Admin can create banner groups and add banners under them.

Easily manage products, orders and payments


Catalog Management

Product catalog feature helps you in easily managing product inventory. You can create and manage product categories and sub-categories and product images and online prices. You may add, delete and update products and its specifications.

Order Management

The Solution can help the Admin to keep track of every Customer order like successfully placed orders and orders that were not placed due to failure in the payment. The Admin can view orders periodically like date range, daily, weekly and monthly. Also, the orders can be viewed for a particular city or state.

Category management

Category management feature helps you manage products in an easier way. You may create categories to list product under them.

Product Management

Product management feature helps you in adding products, listing the products that were added and deleting a product. You may tag other products, add related products and also bring a product under multiple categories.

Creating a great value for online stores



The admin can add multiple languages, for users to view the site content in their language of preference. The Users can simply select the language of their preference and get the site content in the language they can understand.


Using the currency section the Admin can select the currencies that should be available for use in the store front. The default currency will display all the product prices in that currency. On selecting another currency, the Customer can view the product prices in a different currency.

Settings and Configurations

The Admin can manage add and manage countries, zones and geo zones. Also, there are features for store configurations.

Turn Visitors in to Customers


Flexible Payment Gateway Integration

The solution gives you complete flexibility to integrate your eCommerce website with any secured Payment Gateway of your choice. Give an option for self-checkout for Customers with Credit/Debit card or Net banking.

Media gallery

The Media gallery in the solution provides an option to create stunning galleries featuring best photos of products. It also helps in increasing conversions to send users to specific pages. You can create multiple folders and add images in the folders. You may also delete the images from a folder and create thumbnails for the added images.

SEO supported URLs

The solution allows the use of search engine optimized URLs for product, category and information pages. SEO keywords can be defined per product, category and information pages.

Take a leap and grow your business online


Email Templates

Create Email Templates to send automatic emails to your Customers on their successful registration, successfully placed order, failed payment, shipping and tracking information and more.

Inventory Management

As your eCommerce business grows, Inventory management will become increasingly important. Greater number of merchandize will require greater work to be implemented correspondingly. The solution can help you easily cope with such abundant tasks.


A provision for configuring notifications to Admin when a new customer joins, when an existing Customer places an order, when a Customer added products in the cart, but did not check out, when a customer’s payment failed and more.


This section provides you an option to generate reports to track performance of your eCommerce website. Get reports like sales reports, reports on orders, unchecked shopping cart, visitor statistics, and more.

So, let’s build something great for your eCommerce business