Spurt Commerce - A quick and easy Node JS and Angular JS eCommerce solution to develop an awesome e-commerce Website

With pleasing Angular JS, the solution can offer you an awesome looking store front that can stand out in terms of appearance in the entire ecommerce market. With powerful Node JS, the solution can offer you a lightning speed eCommerce website with scalability.



The solutions can super-charge eCommerce Applications. Having built with smart Node JS technology, it can make your eCommerce Application ten times faster, by decreasing the load time to a large extent. It can help you build a robust and a scalable eCommerce platform that can perform in a remarkable manner.


Easy customization

This is an open source solution that is 100 percent source free. This makes it easy for you to customize your eCommerce website in line with your business needs.



We shall provide you with complete support during initial set up and installation. Even later, we shall provide you with any technical support that you are in need of when your site is live.


Future upgradation

We highly value your purchase and your one time purchase will definitely not end our relationship with you. In future, any upgrade to the solution will be intimated to you and upgrading your site with the latest version will be totally free.


Suitable for both Website and Mobile App

Using this solution, you can develop an eCommerce website. Also, you can develop a Mobile App for your eCommerce business by using an API.


Custom Development

Is your knowledge in eCommerce development nil? Or is your eCommerce business a unique one? Don’t worry! We can certainly customize the solution for your business and provide you with a fully ready eCommerce website that can go live.

Everything unlimited

Spurt Commerce offers unlimited of everything. Use any of these features to add any number of anything on your eCommerce website.

Integrate with any Payment Gateway

Any secured payment gateway that is available across different places in the world can be easily integrated. Integrate a payment gateway of your choice and help your customers to check out their shopping cart and make a purchase.

The Best Development Partner

This is a complete framework that can help you achieve your desired goal. It can partner with you to get almost all the complex parts of an eCommerce development done, at an unimaginably less time and at a low cost.

Flexible Customization

It can be easily tweaked for any eCommerce business requirement, irrespective of size, products and industry. Also, it can be easily used for developing a website as per your business need. Being 100 percent source free, it gives you complete freedom to customize the website the way you want.

SEO supported URLs

It allows the use of search engine optimized URLs for category and product pages. Ecommerce application built using this solution will ideally have every page that can appear on the Google search result page.

What else can you wish for after having the best eCommerce website for your business?

We may not be the only in the industry to develop a Node JS open source solution for ecommerce development. But, we are pretty sure that you will not think of choosing any other solution after experiencing Spurt Commerce.